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phylogenic ordering

recto verso Aglais io
recto verso Aglais urticae
recto Agrius convolvuli
recto verso Anthocharis cardamines male
verso Anthocharis cardamines female
recto verso Apatura iris male
recto verso Aphantopus hyperantus female
recto verso Aporia crataegi male
verso Aporia crataegi female
recto Araschnia levana f. prorsa
recto Arctia caja
recto verso Arctia plantaginis
recto verso Argynnis paphia male
recto verso Aricia agestis
recto verso Boloria titania
verso Brenthis daphne
verso Brintesia circe
recto verso Cacyreus marshalli
recto verso Callistege mi
verso Callophrys rubi
recto Carcharodus alceae
recto Carcharodus lavatherae
recto verso Carterocephalus palaemon female
recto Catocala nupta
recto verso Celastrina argiolus male
recto verso Celastrina argiolus female
recto verso Cinclidia phoebe
recto verso Clossiana dia
verso Coenonympha arcania
verso Coenonympha dorus
verso Coenonympha gardetta
verso Coenonympha pamphilus
verso Colias croceus male
recto verso Colias croceus f. helice female
verso Colias palaeno male
recto Cossus cossus
recto verso Cupido minimus male
recto verso Cyaniris semiargus male
verso Deilephila elpenor
recto Ematurga atomaria male
recto Ematurga atomaria female
recto Erebia ligea
recto verso Erebia manto manto female
verso Eriogaster lanestris
recto verso Erynnis tages
recto Euplagia quadripunctaria
recto verso Favonius quercus female
recto verso Glaucopsyche melanops male
recto verso Gonepteryx cleopatra male
recto verso Gonepteryx cleopatra female
verso Gonepteryx rhamni male
verso Gonepteryx rhamni female
recto verso Hamearis lucina female
recto Hemaris fuciformis
recto Hemaris tityus
recto verso Heodes tityrus
verso Hipparchia genava
verso Hipparchia semele female
verso Hyles gallii
recto verso Iphiclides podalirius
recto verso Issoria lathonia
recto Lasiommata maera
recto verso Lasiommata megera male
recto Lasiommata megera female
verso Leptidea sinapis
verso Leptotes pirithous
recto Libythea celtis
recto verso Limenitis camilla
recto verso Limenitis reducta
recto verso Lycaena phlaeas
recto verso Lysandra coridon male
recto Lythria purpurata
recto Macroglossum stellatarum
recto verso Maniola jurtina male
recto Marumba quercus
verso Melanargia galathea male
recto Melanargia galathea female
recto verso Melanargia lachesis
recto verso Melanargia occitanica
recto verso Melitaea cinxia male
recto Melitaea cinxia female
recto Melitaea didyma male
recto verso Melitaea didyma female
verso Mellicta athalia
recto verso Mellicta dejone
recto Noctua pronuba female
verso Notodonta ziczac
recto verso Nymphalis antiopa
recto verso Nymphalis polychloros
recto Ochlodes faunus male
recto verso Palaeochrysophanus hippothoe
recto verso Papilio machaon
recto verso Pararge aegeria aegeria male
recto verso Parnassius mnemosyne male
recto verso Parnassius mnemosyne female
recto verso Pieris brassicae male
recto verso Pieris brassicae female
recto verso Pieris napi male
recto verso Pieris napi female
recto verso Pieris rapae male
recto verso Pieris rapae female
recto verso Polygonia c-album
recto verso Polyommatus icarus male
recto verso Polyommatus icarus female
recto verso Polyommatus icarus icarus male
verso Pontia callidice female
recto verso Pontia daplidice
verso Pseudopanthera macularia
recto Pyrgus malvae
recto Pyrgus malvoides
verso Pyronia bathseba
recto Pyronia tithonus male
recto verso Pyronia tithonus female
verso Satyrium esculi male
verso Satyrium esculi female
verso Satyrium spini
recto Semiothisa clathrata
verso Speyeria aglaja
recto Spialia sertorius female
verso Thymelicus acteon
recto verso Thymelicus sylvestris male
recto verso Vanessa atalanta
recto verso Vanessa cardui
recto Watsonalla uncinula
recto Heterocera sp.
verso Rhopalocera sp.




Heterocera sp.